*How often should homeowner’s get their septic tank pumped?

With the new Minnesota State Law of 2008 septic systems need to be inspected every three years. This does not mean that the septic tank needs to be pumped.  Upon request the septic tank can be inspected to see if the level of solids in the tank is great enough to warrant pumping.  As a general rule we recommend that septic tanks should be pumped on a regular basis. Homes with a garbage disposal should have them pumped once a year and other systems without a garbage disposal should be pumped every three years.

*Why can’t my septic tank be pumped clean from the 6″ pipe?

Minnesota State Law requires that pumping be done through the 24 inch manhole cover that is at the surface.  If no other option exists for pumping than the septic tank can be pumped through the 6” pipe with a written consent of the homeowner.

*Who uncovers the septic manhole covers if it is not at the surface?

The homeowner is responsible for making the system ready for pumping (cleaning).  If the 24” cleanout is not at the surface for a fee we will bring the cleanout lid to the surface so that future septic tank pumping will be consistent with state code.  Our firm will remove the heavy 24” cover when we pump the tank and replace the cover after the tank has been pumped.

*If it is a routine septic pumping, please allow up to four weeks for us to come out and pump your septic tank.

Sometimes there are situations that are better than others for us to pump your septic tank.  Spring rains and wet fields can  make it difficult for us to dispose of the waste.  In the fall there are many homeowners that are requesting pumping of their system.  Some systems can only be pumped when it is dry because they can only be accessed by going across the lawn. We will try to get to your septic system pumped as soon as possible after you call, but it will be consistent with our plan for pumping different areas of the county on specific weeks.

*Our septic hoses only reaches 150 feet. Please let us know if we need to drive on your (lawn) property to properly pump your septic.

Please suggest to  us the best  to access your tank (for us to go on your property.)